We're Ready Campaign Kickoff

Friday, September 13
7:15-9:00 AM  McIntyre Hall
$30 (includes Breakfast)

Family Palooza

Wednesday, September 11
3:30-6:30 PM • Free
Skagit County Fairgrounds
Buildings A, B & C

Our Bold Goal

is that by the year 2025, all Skagit children entering Kindergarten are ready to learn. Through our programs and projects, we can provide the information and resources parents and caregivers need to ensure Skagit kids are given their best chance at life.

Latest News and Highlights

It Takes a Village

Perhaps you have heard the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It sounds nice, right? The sentiment that you are not alone, that there are men and women around you that provide support, encouragement, and practical advice when you need it. You might feel...

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Kindergarten Transition: Social Emotional Skill Building

Social emotional skills feel a little squishy, don’t they? These skills include a child’s ability to manage emotions, follow expectations and limits, take care of their own needs, make friends and build relationships with peers and adults, solve social problems and...

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