What is United Way of Skagit County?

United Way of Skagit County is a local, nonprofit organization with the mission to focus community investment to create positive sustainable change in people’s lives. Business partners and individual donors, like yourself, have raised and invested over $24 million dollars into Skagit County over 53 years.

We advance the common good by focusing on the building blocks of a good life: Education, Income, and Health.

Our goal is to create sustainable, positive change by addressing the underlying causes of community-wide challenges. To do that, we encourage the community to invest in a focused, strategic approach to creating positive change.

When we ALL come together around the real need that exists and solutions, we LIVE UNITED. We accomplish so much more by working together. That’s how we all create lasting solutions that build opportunity for all.

How is my donation invested?

United Way focuses on ensuring that children are successful, building financially sound families, enabling older adults to live independently, supporting those who live with disabilities, providing relief in crisis and creating vital neighborhoods.

United Way’s Community Impact Committee carefully evaluations programs for effectiveness, need, and projected outcomes.

United Way monitors programs that receive grants to ensure agencies follow sound fiscal policies and provide effective services. Careful stewardship is valuable to donors who want their contribution to make the greatest impact.

What is United Way's operating cost?

United Way of Skagit County's management and fundraising costs have been at or below 17% for many years. By partnering with businesses to conduct payroll deduction campaigns, we keep costs low.

We focus on the effectiveness and financial and legal stability of programs designed to enhance our local community when it comes to Education, Financial Empowerment and Healthy Living.

Visit our website and view our 2015-16 Annual Report to learn more.

Please read “The Overhead Myth” written by 3 non-profit watchdog organizations here: http://overheadmyth.com/ for more information.

Why should I give through payroll deduction at my workplace?

It’s easy!

It's efficient: lower fundraising costs mean more money is invested in the community.

It's convenient. You decide what to contribute and it comes right out of your paycheck a little at a time.

It's secure and confidential.

Can I use my credit card to make a gift?

Yes. Give online here.

I already give to charity. Why should I give to United Way of Skagit County?

United Way is the only local non-profit with the resources and mission to address the large local issues most important to Skagitonians. We are strategically positioned to convene the community around shared goals, making for a better, more fulfilling, and happier life for all.

  • No other organization meets all of the needs addressed by United Way.
  • Funds raised here stay right here in Skagit County.
  • We not only address immediate needs, we also convene the community around shared goals to locate solutions for lasting change.
  • United Way makes it easy to give and raises the level of philanthropy for the whole community. Together, we make a stronger impact.

Why should I give my money to United Way and not just directly to agencies?

  • United Way does much more than simply collect and distribute donations.

  • United Way monitors programs that receive grants to ensure agencies follow sound fiscal policies and provide effective services. Careful stewardship is valuable to donors who want their contribution to make the greatest impact. (This oversight is not provided for donations designated directly to agencies.)

  • United Way works in two ways: meeting immediate needs and addressing the underlying causes of problems for long-term results.

  • United Way looks for gaps and duplications to ensure that the services needed in our community are available.

  • United Way affiliation enables program partners to leverage public and private funding. This multiplies the effect of your contribution.

  • Giving through United Way reduces overall costs of fundraising efforts.

I never use agency services, so why should I give?

The Common Good affects us all. It does impact you when a child in our community can’t learn because she is hungry, homeless, or abused. She may sit next to your child or grandchild in school; her parents may work with you, or in the stores and businesses you frequent. Our economy depends on a trained, healthy workforce.

You never know when you, a member of your family or a neighbor may need a United Way service. Job loss, loss of a loved one, illness, accidents, disabilities, family problems, natural disasters, mental disorders and the problems of growing up and growing old with battered and scattered boundaries.

United Way serves all people in Skagit County. Programs reach across neighborhoods and communities.

Can I target part of my gift to a specific nonprofit?

Yes. We ask for a minimum donation of $100 and will apply a 15% cost recovery fee to process this donation on your behalf.

Can I give to a nonprofit who is not a United Way partner agency?

Yes. Through United Way you can give to any 501(c)3. However, gifts designated by the donor do not receive the same monitoring that United Way provides for undesignated contributions given out through grants.

Can I ask for my donation to NOT go to a specific nonprofit?

Yes. We will note your wishes and ensure your contributions are not sent to a given agency or program.

Special Announcements

Low Income Needs Assessment Release

Community Action of Skagit County invites you to join us for a sneak peak at the data gathered during the 2017 Low Income Needs Assessment, a survey of 650 low-income households led by Community Action of Skagit County, distributed by dozens of community partners and key volunteers, and analyzed by Applied Research Northwest, LLC.

Also, at the event the first-ever Skagit Change-Maker Award (Inspired by the life of Terry Belcoe) will be presented.

When: March 27, 1-3pm

Register Here

The event is open to all! Human services coalition partners, leaders in education and business, elected government officials and staff, and any community member impacted by poverty issues.


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