CHOW: Cuting Hunger on Weekends

Cuting Hunger
On Weekends: CHOW

If your children (between the ages of 1 to 18) live within Sedro-Woolley city limits or the Mount Vernon Schools boundaries for Centennial Elementary School or Washington Elementary School, and would benefit from having a little extra food over the weekend, PLEASE register for free delivery of a bag of food for each child! Each bag has a couple of breakfast items, some lunch food and snacks. Your name/address will not be shared with anyone other than the food bank & delivery drivers.

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Why did we develop the idea of delivering supplemental food right to the door of homes with young children?

The children need additional food on the weekends, but families didn’t want to be “singled out” by the school and children didn’t want to be bullied on the bus. In focus groups, parents who self-registered children for CHOW deliveries reported feeling dignity and respect for themselves. They reported their children enjoyed and consumed all the food.

Each CHOW bag delivered means one child has approximately 5 meals (two breakfasts, two lunches & a snack) for the weekend. Success means these 600 children (approximately 300 in Sedro-Woolley and 200 in Mount Vernon) have a little extra nutrition each weekend. This means they are better able to learn on Monday mornings. Another success is that their physical health is maintained. The CHOW bag also reduces some financial stress on the family – stress that takes a toll on children in the form of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). CHOW is a stop-gap until families have higher income (and/or costs are reduced) to cover housing, childcare, and other basic needs.

A community need…

The State Office of Public Instruction reports that more 50% of the school children in Skagit County qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch.

A sensitive issue…

Through interviews we learned many children are embarrassed to carry a bag of food home because other children make fun of them, and parents feel demoralized  when school personnel offer to help.

A helpful act to aid learning…

School personnel share stories of children arriving at school on Monday mornings too hungry to learn.

CHOW Partners


Providing staple food items to our community.


Supporting programs to eliminate child hunger.


Helping Bring the CHOW program to families in need.

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