We’re Reading

Here is what United Way of Skagit County is doing to promote early literacy and the home literacy environment.

United Way of Skagit County and United General District 304 WIC program are partnering together to share information with parents and caregivers about the importance of early literacy paired with easy at home activities. At key appointments, WIC educators, share the early literacy curriculum and give the child a book to take with them and add to their home library. Parents/caregivers are also provided with the “We’re Reading Raconteur”, a newsletter packed with fun literacy activities to do at home, tips for reading the book they were given, developmental milestones related to literacy, language and social emotional skills, and information on local library storytimes.

Start young and make it fun!

Beginning at birth, what you do everyday prepares your child to be a successful reader in school. When you provide an environment where reading, writing, talking, singing, and playing is encouraged, wonderful things happen. These include:
    ○   Promoting language development
    ○   Building motivation, curiosity, and memory
    ○   Helping children cope during times of stress or anxiety, build social emotional skills, and learn how to express their feelings
    ○   Reading aloud takes children to places and times they have never been – enlarging and enhancing their world
    ○   Creating a positive association with books, reading, and writing
    ○   Participating in these activities with your child strengthens the bond between you and your child.

Take and Give Book Box

United Way of Skagit County is planning to put Take and Give Book Boxes around our community. These attractive Book Boxes are stocked full of fun reading material for children of all ages. Kids can take a book and it is theirs to keep, or they can give a book that they are no longer using.


Do you enjoy building things? We need volunteers to build our Take and Give Book Boxes. Contact jennifer@unitedwayskagit.org for more information!